About Us

Agency Profile

Piedmont Properties has been successfully marketing Piedmontese property since 1997. The international marketing operations of Piedmont Properties are now directed by Angelika Smith-Aichbichler (upper picture), who was also responsible for the launch of Piedmont Properties Online, the first agency on the internet dealing exclusively in South Piedmontese vineyards, townhouses and villas. Fluent in English and German, Angelika is tasked with giving our market strategy a truly global dimension.

Angelika is assisted by her daughter Laura (lower picture), a business graduate and licenced real estate agent (mediatore immobiliare). Fluent in English, German and Italian, and familiar with all the latest developments in the Italian regulatory environment, Laura is well qualified to help you at all stages of your property purchase.

Service is our success

We believe strongly in the quality of the service that we offer. Purchasing a property abroad is undoubtedly a challenge - the Italian language, customs, laws and procedures are often unfamiliar to our international clients. Piedmont Properties have a capable legal team and an extensive network of informed local contacts to assist you with every step of the purchase process. By drawing on our considerable experience, and by keeping you informed at every stage, we are dedicated to ensuring maximum security and peace of mind for you, the customer.

Finding the right property

Piedmont Properties handles property of all types, especially the vineyards for which the region is so famous. We take great care to find the most attractive properties. Our selection is small but exclusive - we accept only one in ten of the properties we are offered for sale. Our emphasis is on finding the unusual and special places that our experience tells us are most attractive to our clients, with wonderful views, lots of privacy and above all the potential for you to fulfill your Italian dream.

Purchasing a property

Having found your ideal property, we consider it our duty to make the purchase process as easy and as unbureaucratic for you as possible. We check that properties are free of mortgages and other legal charges, we obtain written waivers from any coltivatori diretti in respect of their right of first refusal, we provide documentation translated into English, we ensure that your liabilities for Imposta di Registro (Stamp Duty) and Catasto (Land Registry) fees are reduced to the full extent allowed by law, we organise the services of the Notaio or Notaro (public notary) required for contract completion, and we generally handle the various technicalities involved to ensure that your purchase runs smoothly from start to finish.

After-sales service

Having restored an old cascina (farmhouse) ourselves, we understand that most buyers will want to renovate or redecorate their new home - we will be happy to give advice and to help you to find architects, builders, geometras (surveyors) and skilled craftsmen at very competitive rates. We can also assist in finding schools, legal advice, banking services (accounts and loans), as well as give valuable practical tips on shopping, restaurants, medical services, etc.

Why Italy?

Italian culture, Italian history, Italian style, Italian cuisine, Italian sunshine, La Dolce Vita - the appeal of Italy is timeless and enduring. If your goals combine European levels of safety and security with an unrivalled quality of life, there is no better choice. There's also a very prosaic and practical reason that deserves special mention: the highly favourable Italian inheritance tax regime.

Why Southern Piedmont?

Experienced observers of the Italian scene know the value of good roads and communications, understand the significance of accessible electricity cables and plentiful water supplies, and appreciate being near to towns in which you can still park a car, or book a restaurant, during the summer months. But there is much more to Southern Piedmont than this. The outstanding scenic beauty of the area often surprises the first-time visitor. The climate, too, is a delight - long, hot summers are followed by short, cool winters. In addition, the region boasts the finest wines in Italy. Some experts reckon that Barolo and Barbera are two of the finest wines in the world. It is therefore remarkable that the area is so little known outside Italy. The fact that it is relatively undiscovered can be attributed partly to the vagaries of fashion, and partly, perhaps, to the connoisseurs who want to keep it to themselves.

Whatever the reason, property in the region is priced very competitively, especially by international standards. Piedmont Properties was founded on the premise that for the more discerning international buyer, the quality and value-for-money of the region offer unique opportunities.