Italian Mortgage Calculator

& Application Guide
Calculate the Loan Interest Payment

An Italian mortgage is a repayment loan: in addition to the interest, a fraction of the capital is repaid every month. In Italy mortgages that are interest-only loans are not available.

Enter the amount you want to borrow from an Italian bank, select the requested duration of the mortgage contract (10 years minimum), and press the CALCULATE button.

The monthly mortgage payments will then appear to the right, excluding one-off costs - specifically, notary deed fees and mortgage taxes.


Applying for a mortgage in Italy

Italian banks generally lend up to 50% of the purchase price of an Italian property. Credit conditions have tightened in recent years: now, mortgages are usually granted only to buyers who already have an income in Italy. However, for those who are eligible, the cost of financing is probably no more in Italy than in any other EU country.


To start the application process, the bank will require proof that you can afford to pay the monthly instalments on the property - the requested information will include your income, your residency, your nationality, your financial status - plus a copy of either a proposta d'acquisto (Purchasing Proposal) or a compromesso (Initial Contract) that is signed by both buyer and seller. Usually, lending institutions also expect their clients to open an account with them.


The bank will also want to make a site visit to independently assess the property value. Depending on the individual case circumstances of the applicant, the advice or intermediation of a mortgage broker is probably unneccessary when dealing with banks in Italy.